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Outbound Mobility Program is a program that allows all Universiti Malaya students to spend one or two semesters at our partner universities abroad. Students will be able to take courses in regular semester with credit transfer opportunity. This program is offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework mode) students.


All available partner institutions are listed at UM GLOBAL PARTNER (MOU/MOA). Please conduct research by referring to UM Partner List especially details in factsheets or the host university website. Once you’ve narrowed down your host university choices, take a look at what previous students have said about their experiences.

Please pay attention to the following factors during consideration and note that each host universities have their own requirements. Some factors are:
a) Minimum CGPA requirement
b) Restrictions on major and year of study
c) Courses offered and a possibility to transfer credits
d) English language requirement
e) Medium of instruction at the host institution
f) Academic Calendar

Choosing a host university is a personal decision that will depend on what your study, and what you wish to get out of the experience. In order to do that, you are required to conduct research by referring to UM Partner List especially details in factsheets or the host university website. You may find the following resources helpful as you research your host institution and country:
a) Academic advisers or staff from your faculty
b) Host university websites
c) Past students sharing study abroad experiences
d) Current Outbound Opportunities


Students can go on exchange in Semester 1 (Fall Semester) or Semester 2 (Spring Semester). Kindly ensure which study period works best for you and put in your application before the deadline.

All applications will be assessed in the weeks after the application deadline. You will receive the application outcome from GEM Centre once your application is successful. GEM Centre will guide you through your application.

The application must be made during the duration stated as below:

Semester 1 (August – Dec) Fall Intake
Applications Open: 1st January until 31st March
Applications Close: 1st April
Semester 2 (Feb - July) Spring Intake
Applications Open: 1st August until 31st October
Applications Close: 1st November


Below are the requirements and eligibility for a full semester exchange. Read this through carefully and make sure you meet the criteria before applying. If you wish to discuss your eligibility, please contact us at studyabroad@um.edu.my

  1. Registered as an ACTIVE student at Universiti Malaya

  2. Must complete ONE semesters of study in UM, but non-final year (final semester) full time undergraduate student

  3. Academic standing of at least GPA 3.0 and above - 1 semester exchange program, GPA 2.75 and above for short-term program

  4. Possess a good command of the English Language or subject to additional requirements set by host universities

  5. Must agree to enroll at the host institution as described in the program plan.

  6. Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution or placement provider.

  7. Should demonstrate empathy and understanding of the cultural difference

  8. Should demonstrate excellent personal skills

  9. Have a good health condition

  10. Ready to be an ambassador of UM abroad and share experiences after returning from the program

  11. Free from any disciplinary action


The cost of living and travel varies from country to country, it makes sense to start saving as early as possible to ensure you get the most out of your outbound experience. Some countries are also more expensive than others. It's a good idea to plan a budget appropriate to the country and city where you plan to study. If you are on a tight budget, choose your destination wisely.

Many host institution websites provide information regarding basic costs for students studying on exchange. Remember to keep an eye on the exchange rate, as costs will vary depending on the strength of the Malaysia Ringgit. Make use of an online currency converter to help with your budget.


Not every host institution offers on-campus accommodation. Be prepared to live off-campus or even work on your own housing arrangements. Nevertheless, all host institutions will provide assistance for you to find proper accommodation.

For some exchange programs, the host university will require you to provide proof of good health. In this case, you will need to do a medical check-up. If you have received instructions from your host university to do a medical check-up, please make an appointment at the nearest hospital or clinic.

In order to protect yourself from infectious diseases endemic in the countries, you will study or visit, you may have to get inoculations and vaccinations before going abroad. If you need vaccination, let the doctor know if you have any allergies before receiving it. The other way to protect yourself is to investigate the public hygiene of your host country, make sure the drinking water is safe to drink and the food is clean and cooked before you have your meals while abroad. If you are currently under a strict medical observation, please go through the host university's website to know whether they have facilities to accommodate your needs. 

Extra costs will arise in the first month of your stay such as rental charges and various setup fees. It is important to have a realistic idea of the amount of money you need to plan accordingly.

Most countries require international students to apply for a valid student visa if they are planning to stay there for more than 180 days. Please check the requirements in detail with your host university or with the relevant consulates in Kuala Lumpur. Please bear in mind that failure to comply with the entry visa requirements may result in delays or even deportation.

Last Update: 14/05/2024