• International Students & Mobility Centre
  • studyabroad@um.edu.my
  • 03-7967 7712

Residential Colleges available for Mobility Students to stay during exchange programme.


  • Application for on-campus accommodations for mobility students is managed by the International Students and Mobility Centre (ISC) only. 
  • The application is done via google forms, which will be distributed to the students via email by the mobility programme coordinator.
  • Any other forms of application will not be accepted.

UM International House (IH)

  • This residential college is applicable all mobility students.
  • Each student will have their own personal bed, desk and locker in their rooms.
  • MYR 450 per month, excluding utilities
  • Students will stay in twin sharing rooms, and there are 2 rooms in one house unit
  • Air-conditioning is available.
  • Shared facilities within the apartment, such as living room, fridge, kitchen.

Last Update: 02/05/2024